Follow all the rules of this wiki to get a better understanding of this wiki's main purpose.

Chatting/Commenting Policy

  • Please do not post about yourself, someone you know or don't
  • Please do not post about anything vulgar or hateful
  • Please stay away from cyber bullying another user (teasing, threatening, harassing etc...)
  • Please do not post anything irrelevant to the show (allowed to compare other shows)
  • Stay away from posting anything inappropriate
  • Please do not fight
  • No cursing aloud! (Hell, Damn and Bastard are okay)

Editing Policy

  • Please do not create a page irrelevant to the show
  • Please ask for permission to create a page before getting warned
  • Please use spelling, grammar, punctuation etc...
  • Please do not copy from another source without getting a common license
  • Follow the layout used for every page

Media Policy

  • Please don't post any inappropriate media (photo, gif, video)
  • Please don't add media with you, someone you know or someone totally random
  • Please do not add duplicate media
  • Refrain from deleting any media without an Admin's permission (except if its your image)

Behavior Policy

  • Please don't be rude
  • Don't start a fight
  • Be kind
  • Treat the way you want to be treated
  • Please don't bully, threaten, tease etc...
  • Please don't ship war (go into a relationship page and start saying negative stuff)
  • Please do not low users hope on anything! (ex. this ship is not gonna happen, Oh guess what? Well I heard that this ship will never happen)

Consequences/Important Notice

  • Warned (Maximum is 4 warning then you will be blocked)
  • Blocked for an amount of time (depends on what you did and admins decision)

Important Notice

Wikia has stated you have to be at least 13 years old before joining the Wikian Community (signing up). Users lower the age of 13 are able to use Wikia but have to be Wikia Contributor (Anonymous User). Please refrain from creating account if younger than 13, for your own good.